Nearbound Daily #022: Co-Marketing - More Than Just an Idea

Nearbound Daily #022: Co-Marketing - More Than Just an Idea 3 min

An idea and a relationship.

You need both to do good co-marketing.

It’s easy to assume that just having a good relationship with another company is sufficient to do something valuable together. "Oh I’m really tight with X, so we can totally partner on something."

But you’ve got to have a concrete, compelling idea that’s clear, simple, valuable, and doable by both parties. An easy "YES!"

Harder than it sounds.

Of course, if you have ideas and no relationship, you’re not going anywhere either.

Build the relationships always so that when those ideas come, you’re already in a place where you can pull it off.

But don’t forget - you actually need to have an idea worth doing!

We need different perspectives on sales

Lori Richardson has been in selling in tech for over 30 years. She noticed some differences between the way men and women tend to sell.

Lori says men tend to promote metaphors of war like, "let’s kill ’em," or "go crush ’em." She says women bring a unique perspective on selling that hasn’t been given a fair shake.

We need multiple perspectives on how to win at co-selling. Check out this clip from the Nearbound Sales podcast with Lori Richardson and Jessie Shipman:

Lori says sales needs a new perspective. Click here to watch.

Don’t sell alone

But don’t "loop in" a bunch of partners just for the heck of it either!

The sales pro often errs in being too focused on closing the deal as quickly and easily as possible, which means no added complexity of tapping into the network of partners surrounding each buyer. This kills them in the long run.


The partner pro sometimes just loves everyone connecting to everyone else and holding hands and finding (sometimes flimsy) joint value props that they can err in the other direction.

Adding complexity and partners when it doesn’t add value.

Here’s an NFL analogy of what each approach looks like...

 Deliver value FIRST. Sometimes that means adding partners; sometimes, it doesn’t. Click here to watch Isaac compare NFL strategy to partnering 🏈.


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Nearbound Daily #022: Co-Marketing - More Than Just an Idea

What does 30 years in selling tech teach you?

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