Nearbound Daily #029: Build a Nearbound Motion

Nearbound Daily #029: Build a Nearbound Motion 3 min

The future is Nearbound

Your sales team is playing in extra hard mode right now.


You can make it easier by running a Nearbound strategy and getting intel from partners, and co-selling when appropriate.


It’s not about asking for leads from partners so you can send more cold emails. It’s about digging one layer deeper for intel — not just what you have directly, but what you can access through your partner network.


Then going one layer deeper on tactics — not just what you can do directly, but what you can do jointly with partners.


Is it more prep and planning? Yep. Does it improve results? Absolutely. Deals with partners have a 41% higher win rate and are 43% larger.


Unless your current approach is working perfectly, building Nearbound into your outbound and inbound motions is worth the extra effort.


New partner pod episodes

The PartnerUp crew discusses some wild ideas about a future in which no one is an employee, but everyone is a partner. Check it out on PartnerUp 103.


The Howdy Partners posse talks about how to engage with your team internally by partnering up with marketing in this episode.


Rachel Gianfredi shares with Logan Lyles how her team at G2 crushed an integration launch with ZoomInfo in this episode.


Alexander Buckles explains how to put the co-selling flywheel in motion in this week’s show.


You only get one shot at a first impression with your partners. Rob Rebholz tells how to make the most of it. 




Can you build a business with a 100% partner-led approach?

Will Taylor put out a poll on LinkedIn asking if it was possible to build your company with a 100% partner-led approach. The questions sparked great responses.


Shawn Li of Flip had an interesting take. He said, that while partnerships are great, you also need to focus on community-led growth and other GTM motions.


Click here to watch Shawn Li’s response to taking a 100% partner-led approach to your business.





  • InFUUSE – The Future of Business: Unleashing the Ecosystem Blueprint to Redefine Growth – Today 5 PM EST – Join Jared Fuller and an incredible panel of futurists, disruptors, innovators, and dreamers for an electrifying virtual round table to discuss the future of business. Learn why Nearbound is the GTM blueprint. Register here.

  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Onboarding – Today 11 AM CDT – Join Juhi Saha, CEO of Partner1, Jennifer Snyder, Senior Director of Channel Partnerships at, and Shawnie Hamer, Head of Marketing & Partner Marketing at Kiflo as they tackle partner onboarding. Register here.

  • Generating & MOVING Pipeline with Partners – Today, 2 PM ET – Cory Synder (from Sendoso) is meeting up with Justin Zimmerman to share how he uses tools like Crossbeam, Reveal, Slack, as well as KPIs he’s built to push pipeline & keep aligned with leadership. Register here.


Quote of the Day

This is how the game works: you just got to get in there, figure out how you make everyone else money, tie it all together, and share in the wealth. The rising tide floats all boats. — Alexander Buckles, CEO at Forecastable (on the Nearbound Sales Podcast) 3 min

Nearbound Daily #029: Build a Nearbound Motion

The future is Nearbound. Are you in?

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