Nearbound Daily #034: Give Value First

Nearbound Daily #034: Give Value First 2 min

Give partners an experience, not just a portal

How do you get people excited about your portal?


Certainly not by sending them a login link after the first call.


Been working with a bunch of companies that are trying to create better onboarding and enablement experiences. Driving portal adoption is a key part of that.


It’s about relevance.


Figuring out WHEN to bring up your portal is key.


Oh and just telling them "check out the portal" is not enough.


Tell them WHAT exactly they need to do and WHY it is valuable for them.


Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Rob Rebholz!


New partner pod episodes


On Nearbound Podcast #104, Rich and Stan discuss with the PartnerUP crew what’s worked for them in terms of taking on a trusted “advisor” or “consultant” role with prospects when recommending partner solutions.


In this episode, Maurits Pieper joins the Howdy Partner posse to discuss the partner program he’s built out over the past two years at Dixa. As head of partnerships, Maurits has uncovered successful strategies and tactics to secure internal buy-in from department heads and the C-suite. 


John Jankowski joins Jessie Shipman to share his deep experience in corporate sales in this week’s show. He also unpacks what he’s seen work in the intersection between sales and partnerships.


Jen Allen joins Logan Lyles to share community engagement tactics that leverage social media in this episode.


Janelle Gates writes about how your competitors can become your greatest partners in this week’s article.


Share the costs with partners

What you’re trying to do with partnerships is offload some of those costs to acquire a customer (marketing costs, sales costs, engineering costs)...With partnerships there’s a higher stickiness to the customer, a higher retention rate, and a lower churn rate. – Jay McBain


A partner professional has to get good at reporting on the delta between what’s going up (stickiness & retention) and what’s going down (churn & CAC).

Jay McBain was on the PartnerInsight podcast explaining how partnerships can lower cost, churn, and customer acquisition.


Check out this clip on YouTube: 


Jay McBain on the PartnerInsight Podcast. Click here to watch.



  • Magentrix - The State of Partner Engagement and Partner Portals in 2023 & Beyond - April 12, 1-2 PM ET - Hear from Aaron Howerton, Rob Rebholz, and Paul Bird about the root causes behind a lack of partner engagement with your portal and what you can do about it. Register here.

  • Firneo - Now - April 14th - Applications are being accepted for Certified Partnerships Professional Spring 2023 cohort. Learn the frameworks and tactics to excel in every facet of your partnerships role. Apply now. 2 min

Nearbound Daily #034: Give Value First

Provide experiences, not just portals. Plus this week's partner pod episodes.

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