Nearbound Daily #036: What Stops Referrals from Scaling?

Nearbound Daily #036: What Stops Referrals from Scaling? 3 min


We have to all double down on building and maintaining connections with our customers and network.


This is especially true in SaaS.


When the customer relationship journey is broken up between:


- AE

- Sales Engineer

- Onboarding CSM

- Growth CSM/Account Manager

- and more


No wonder individuals don’t have strong enough ongoing trust and relationships with customers.


Trust underpins everything.


Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Adam Pasch.


How to use co-marketing to partner up and win

Co-marketing isn’t new.


What’s new is the infrastructure that supports Partner-Led Everything, or the use of partnerships across a company’s entire go-to-market strategy. This allows marketers to layer a Nearbound strategy on top of Inbound and Outbound.


A few weeks ago, Will Taylor and I “infiltrated” a B2B marketing conference to get insight into the marketer’s sentiment on partnerships.


We found that co-marketing was at the top of everyone’s mind.


For example, take a look at what Craig Simons, Director of Growth at Allego had to say:


Historically, we thought that the bottom of the funnel was the place where partners provided value, but now we’re looking to measure different types of partners that fit into different places in those funnels.


With co-marketing, you get 100% of the benefits, at 50% of the cost.


Check out the full article.


Engage your partners by following this one strategy

Brianna Chapman tells us the ONE thing you must do to engage your partners.


Here’s the number ONE tip you need to know to engage with partners 🤩 💥



Keep their needs,

Their pain,

And their goals are top-of-mind

when heading into conversation 👈


Even if you only focus on that one thing, you’ll see a lasting effect on the partnership.


Huge thank you to Brianna Chapman for the awesome tip!


And shoutout to Firneo of Scott Pollack for their amazing partner program!


PS — Firneo has a special offer for PartnerHacker subscribers!


Get a FREE 1:1 coaching session when you enroll. Check it out here 🙌 :



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Partnerships in the Wild

Chicago Red Stars have partnered up with Waterloo Sparkling Water. 3 min

Nearbound Daily #036: What Stops Referrals from Scaling?

Partner up and win, that's what I always say. Learn how to do just that using co-marketing.

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