Nearbound Daily #048: Simple, not Easy

Nearbound Daily #048: Simple, not Easy 3 min

Partnerships don’t need to be complex

You don’t need to overthink partnerships, and you don’t need to have a 5-year plan before you get started.

What you need to do is act. Here’s how you partner up today.

  • Virtual events. Why would any company ever do a virtual event alone without its partners?
  • Guest posts. Post on your partner’s blogs and socials. Have partners post on yours.
  • Media. Highlight news in your ecosystem.
  • Case studies. How did partners play a role in every deal? Yes, even integrations.
  • Nearbound ABM. Prioritize account lists based on partner overlap and shared engagement.

Name the activity, and there is a partner flavor that can be applied.

I’m not talking about new marketing activity. I’m talking about Nearbound marketing.

It’s what you already do, with partners.

What does your partner want?

If you want to retain such a customer, if you want to grow together if you want to increase your customer lifetime value, the same really accounts for partnerships as well.

So you need to know very strongly what does my partner want to achieve? How do I fit with my product or my solution in the goals of my partners and where can I support them to actually achieve those goals and work on that on a daily basis? — Rick van den Bosch on Partnerships Unraveled Podcast

Keep your partner top of mind.

Listen to the latest Partnerships Unraveled Podcast. Hosts, Rick and Alex talk about getting to the partner promised land.

Gartner says tech isn’t slowing down

Despite the poor economy, Gartner indicates that the tech sector isn’t about to slow down.

Gartner predicts that tech will continue to see a 5.5% year-over-year growth rate.

While tech continues to grow, there is a push to do more with less.

What better way to do more with less than partner up?

Read more here.

Learn to leverage Nearbound data

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As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Per Allin will also be joining us to share how Contractbook completely revolutionized their sales strategy by leveraging a Nearbound approach through HubSpot.

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  • Contractbook x Aptitude 8 x Reveal - Leveraging Nearbound Data – Today! from 3pm-4pm EST. Join Connor Jeffers of Aptitude 8, Per Allin of Contractbook, and Jared Fuller as they share how to unpack the secrets of Nearbound data so you can win in 2023. Register here.
  • Partner Playbooks - April 27th, 11 AM CT – The Event Led Playbook for Partner Managers & Marketers! Mark Kilens (CMO of Airmeet) is meeting up with Justin Zimmerman (Partner Playbooks) to share how managers and marketers can drive leads, sales, and new partners with events and webinars! Register here.
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Quote of the Day

You need to find the ambassadors that can help fight the battle with you. That’ll create a ripple effect that allows you to get that broader reach throughout the rest of the organization.– Fredrik Mellander on Nearbound Podcast #107.

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Nearbound Daily #048: Simple, not Easy

Stop thinking and start acting when it comes to partnerships.

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