Nearbound Daily #049: Who Does Your Buyer Trust?

Nearbound Daily #049: Who Does Your Buyer Trust? 3 min

Find out who your buyer trusts

A good Nearbound strategy starts with a question: Who does my buyer trust?

Who (that doesn’t work at my company) are buyers influenced by?

The next questions are things like:

  • How do I find them?
  • How do I connect with them?
  • How do I partner with them?
  • How do I create value for THEM?
  • How do I leverage their connection to the buyer to get intel?
  • How do I use that intel to help move deals?

There are many, many more.

But start by asking who your buyers trust.

Buyers aren’t asking "How can I X" in the Nearbound era. They’re asking, "Who can help me with X."

You’re probably not the "who," but you’d better be partnering with them! 

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Cisco is investing over $100 million in partners and experience

Cisco has invested an “incremental $100 million in our partners around security in the second half [of Fiscal Year 2023] alone,” disclosed Shawn Yuskaitis, security director, global partner, and routes to market for Cisco.

They’re leveraging partners to improve the entire customer lifecycle. And they’re not stopping there.

According to CRN, the company has already consolidated its 12 security sales teams.

Check out the full story here.


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Quote of the Day

Outbound = voice of company
Inbound = voice of customer
Nearbound = voice of community

Isaac Morehouse

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Nearbound Daily #049: Who Does Your Buyer Trust?

Discover who do your buyers trust, and this week's partner pod episodes.

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