Nearbound Daily #059: Motoring New Partnerships

Nearbound Daily #059: Motoring New Partnerships 3 min

Add this layer to the GTM cake

Outbound = Target

Inbound = Attract

Nearbound = Surround

As a seller, you can go cold, wait for them to come to you, or work with those who already have trust to figure out how to help your accounts.

The newest and most productive channel for sales is the latter: Nearbound.

Leverage the power of your ecosystem with Nearbound to go further and farther than you could with outbound and inbound alone.

New partner pods

Jen Spencer and Logan Lyles take over PartnerUp 109 to talk about partner-led marketing.

Gaetano DiNardi joins Logan Lyles on Marketing Together to discuss building a YouTube strategy that works in B2B.

Mike Head joins Jessie Shipman on Selling Together. Mike gives top lessons he’s learned from generating revenue with partners.

The Howdy Partners posse discusses how to find your partnerships niche. Ben and Tom talk about communities and mindset in episode 33.

The Partner Prophet, Jay McBain gives his predictions for the future of transportation. Listen to the article here.

Partnerships and platforms will transform the auto industry

Just as SaaS brought the initial cost of software down for business, transportation as a service (TaaS) will lower the cost of transportation for the consumer. – Jay McBain

Jay McBain says that within the next decade, you’ll no longer plop down $40-50K to buy a new car.

TaaS (transportation as a service) will be the new model of transportation.

You’ll be able to pay a monthly fee for all your transportation needs.

Going to Home Depot to buy lumber? You’ll get a self-driving pickup truck. 🛻

On your way to the airport? Maybe a sedan would be fine 🤷‍♂️.

Need something fancy for a night out? Lambo anyone? 🏎️

As cars’ electrification and self-driving capabilities continue, you’ll see cars being built on platforms, similar to the way PCs and phones are built.

The inside of a PC or phone isn’t much different from one to the next. The same will be true of cars.

And as self-driving cars continue to improve, car tech will be more important than ever. Close to 90% of people say they won’t buy a new car unless it has CarPlay or Android Auto built in.

Big tech is poised to play a major role in offering TaaS.

It’s likely that Apple, Google, Microsoft, or even TikTok will play massive roles in TaaS.

Check out Jay’s full predictions here.


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Nearbound Daily #059: Motoring New Partnerships

This week's partner pod episodes and introducing Nearbound to your GTM strategy.

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