Nearbound Daily #061: Speak CRO, Get Buy-In

Nearbound Daily #061: Speak CRO, Get Buy-In 3 min

Find out what your partners want

People buy from people.

This means that you need to put in the effort to understand how to reach the people you want to reach in a way that they want to be reached.

It’s hard to reach people without forcing it, and without spamming.

The way forward is to partner up with businesses your customers already trust.

This is not easy, but in my experience it’s a problem worth solving.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Mike Scott!

This is how you get buy-in on partnerships

Allan Adler had an amazing idea. 💡

Get buy-in on partnerships by positioning partnerships as a Co-Sell Team and focusing on driving intel, intros, and influence for your sales team. 🤝

CROs don’t care about partnerships, but they do care about driving pipeline.

Partners will help drive revenue by:

1. Finding prospects and overlaps with new opportunities

2. Lending influence to new opportunities through a co-sell motion

3. Intros - partners will share intel and intros

By positioning Partnerships as a Co-Sell team, you’ll speak the language your CRO understands!

Read Allan’s full article here.

Incentivize resellers to grow your partner program by 26%

We’re partnering with Magentrix — one of the most unique PRM solutions out there – to change how you look at your partner engagement, PRMs, and PEMs.

We stand behind their message: Partner engagement starts with the partner experience.

Historically there’s been a problem:

Vendors don’t personalize their partner experience.

They don’t realize the significant role they play in their own partner’s success as the architects of the partner experience.

We’re joining forces to help you learn:

  1. How to provide a stellar partner experience (PX)
  2. How to personalize the PX for higher partner engagement OUTSIDE of your PRM
  3. How to improve the partner experience in your portal
  4. Best practices for your PRMs

Join us on Thursday, June 1, at 1 PM ET as we explore how to incentivize resellers to grow your partner program!

Register here.


  • May 24, 12 PM ETFirneo’s Partner School Series: WTF is an Ecosystem? Allan Adler from Digital Bridge Partners will be joining Firneo to share his insights on building a kickass partner ecosystem. Register here.
  • June 1, 1 PM ET – PartnerHacker x Magentrix – Increase Partner Engagement & Grow Partner Pipeline by 26%. Register here.
  • June 15, 12 PM ET – No B.S. Guide to Co-Selling Millions with Partners (from partnership people who’ve really done it). Chris Lavoie, Rob Rebholz, and Justin Zimmerman will share the real-world sh*t that works. Register here.
  • June 27, 17:00 - 21:00 CET – Partnership Leaders x Reveal: Elevation Tour - Europe – Aircall’s Office, 11 Rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris, France. Register here.

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Nearbound Daily #061: Speak CRO, Get Buy-In

Get buy-in from your C-Suite on partnerships.

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