Nearbound Daily #063: Even Grandma Gets Nearbound

Nearbound Daily #063: Even Grandma Gets Nearbound 3 min

Nearbound isn’t complicated.

It’s the oldest GTM strategy in the book.

It’s something that even your Grandma can understand.

I explained it to my grandma, and she completely understood. 👵

Here’s an example of how I think about Nearbound:

A street vendor named Joe is selling handbags. He approaches you while you’re walking down the road and boasts that he has the best quality purses in town.

You keep walking. 🙅‍♀️


Because you hear that all the time. You see it on billboards and ads constantly. It doesn’t mean anything anymore.

In a Nearbound model, instead of approaching you out of the blue, Joe talks to all his shop owner friends in the neighborhood that he knows you shop at: his friends who sell you jewelry, shoes, etc.

You’ve been going to these boutiques for years, and you already have a strong relationship with them. 🤝

Joe asks these friends to make an introduction with you, or at the very least, back up his claim that he makes the best handbags.

Now you have a trusted service provider echoing that Joe is the best.

So, the next time you walk by, and Joe approaches you, you stop and listen. You talk about your shared connections. You take a long look at his product.

The trust you’ve built with your favorite shops is now being transferred to this vendor that you don’t know at all.

You buy a bag with confidence. 👜

(Bonus points if Joe can convince one of the boutiques to sell his bags in-store. 🙌)

Jasper partners up with Google Cloud

Google search is no longer king. A new generation is using TikTok and Instagram as their primary search engine.

To maintain relevance, Google must partner with the biggest players in generative AI, like Jasper.

Google customers can now purchase Jasper licenses directly through the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Jasper hopes that streamlining payments through Google Cloud Marketplace will reduce the friction of using their AI technology.

Jasper is also bringing more integrations to the Google Chrome extension, allowing users to use generative AI writing in any textbox on their browser.

Read more here.

Follow the partner marketing river

When you start a new role in partnerships, you need to map out the buyer’s journey.

You need to understand the partner marketing river. Don’t wait until your customer has floated downriver.

Catch your customers at the point where they are still in decision mode.

Listen to Franz-Josef Schrepf explain the idea of the partner marketing river.

Franz-Josef Schrepf explains the partner marketing river.


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Thanks for the meme, Daniel Barnes!

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Nearbound Daily #063: Even Grandma Gets Nearbound

Nearbound: Grandma-certified.

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