Nearbound Daily #075: Trust is the Only Way

Nearbound Daily #075: Trust is the Only Way 3 min

🗡️ Cut through the chaos...

The noise will only go up.

Attention will only go down.

Relationships and trust are the only way through.

This is the way to work smarter, not harder.

Truly finding ways to collaborate with your network will be what sets the elite apart from the rest.

After practicing this for a while it becomes second nature to relentlessly seek how you can give before ever wasting time on how you will get.

To set you up for success, 1 tip today:

1. Seek to give to people who have a high likelihood to give back.

This is your version of how a company sets its Ideal Customer Profile.

Time to start:

1. Listening to what your network needs & share yours

2. Giving what you can

3. Document everything along the way

4. Get confirmation when value is realized on the other side

5. Make an ask

6. Track what makes the people who create value for you different

7. Start all over again with this greater targeting context

The efforts will compound into better and better results.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Adam Pasch.

⚖️ How do you measure partner success?

You need to measure the right metrics to ensure the success of your partner program.

But much of your success depends on:

1️⃣ The stage of your business

2️⃣ The maturity of your partner program

3️⃣ The type of product you have and the associated GTM model

Joe Rice wrote about the leading indicators of partner success in a recent article. Learn about the leading and lagging indicators of partnership success here.

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Successful partnerships come from the repeated daily effort.

Rob Rebholz shares his experiences working in partnerships on the Selling Together podcast with Jessie Shipman.

He explains,

A successful partnership doesn’t come from a piece of paper, nor a well executed kickoff call. It’s the result of hundreds of great relationships.

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Catch Rob Rebholz and Jessie Shipman on the Selling Together Podcast.

📅 Happenings

  • June 5, 1 PM ET — RevGenius x PartnerHacker. Discover the strategies, including the combination of content and community, the significance of storytelling over numbers, and the paradigm shift from the “how” to the “who” economy. Register here.

  • June 7, 12 PM ET — Why is Everyone Talking About Nearbound? Join Jared Fuller and Scott Pollack as they discuss the future of Nearbound. Register here.

  • June 15, 12 PM ET — No B.S. Guide to Co-Selling Millions with Partners (from partnership people who’ve really done it). Chris Lavoie, Rob Rebholz, and Justin Zimmerman will share the real-world sh*t that works. Register here.

  • June 27, 17:00 - 21:00 CET — Partnership Leaders x Reveal: Elevation Tour — Europe — Aircall’s Office, 11 Rue Saint—Georges, 75009 Paris, France. Register here.

🗣️ Quote of the Day

Partnerships do help deals go faster, but you have to put in the work into the relationships. And that’s not all on the AE, BDR, or SDR to figure out.
They should be engaging the partner people, and the partner people should be engaging them. - Jessie Shipman

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Nearbound Daily #075: Trust is the Only Way

Building Strong Relationships, Measuring Partner Success, Ongoing Relationship-Building, and Upcoming Partnership Events.

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