Nearbound Daily #077: Buy-In Guaranteed

Nearbound Daily #077: Buy-In Guaranteed 3 min

Use these 3 Nearbound plays

All B2B companies should be using 3 Nearbound plays right now —

  • Intel

  • Intro

  • Influence

Product, marketing, sales, and success need to utilize partners at every step of the customer journey.

A Nearbound strategy is what helps you do that at scale. Baked in and layered onto existing outbound and inbound motions.

The idea behind Nearbound is simple: your network of partners already has the information, established relationships, and influence that you need to bring in revenue and keep it.

Don’t underestimate Nearbound!

4 lenses to prove partner value 📈

These four lenses prove that partnerships impact EVERY SINGLE department.

1) Increased Market Presence

2) Partner Sourced Revenue

3) Broadening Product Capabilities

4) Improving Retention and Renewal Rates

When you go to your CEO, your president, and your board, you get to say,

Not only do we drive new customers, not only do we help with product capabilities, not only do we help drive partner sourced revenue, we ALSO help make our current customers stickier.”

Catch a convo with Mike Stocker and Jared Fuller about measuring partner success with these 4 lenses on the Partner Up Podcast:

🫤 Still confused about Nearbound?

Join Jared Fuller and Scott Pollack tomorrow as they discuss what Nearbound actually means, and what every partner manager needs to know about it.

They’ll cover:

  1. What is Nearbound, and why is it something to get excited about?
  2. How does Nearbound impact the way partnership leaders do their work?
  3. How do you get your executives, stakeholders, and partners on board with a Nearbound future?

It’s happening tomorrow, June 7th, 12 PM ET — Register here.

📅 Happenings

  • June 7, 12 PM ET — Why is Everyone Talking About Nearbound? Join Jared Fuller and Scott Pollack as they discuss the future of Nearbound. Register here.

  • June 15, 12 PM ET — No B.S. Guide to Co-Selling Millions with Partners (from partnership people who’ve really done it). Chris Lavoie, Rob Rebholz, and Justin Zimmerman will share the real-world sh*t that works. Register here.

  • Jun 23, 1 PM ET, Unf*ck My Funnel — There is no funnel too f*cked! Join Jared Fuller & Jared Robin as they team up to right go-to-market wrongs and improve the lives of revenue pros everywhere. Register here.

  • June 27, 17:00 - 21:00 CET — Partnership Leaders x Reveal: Elevation Tour — Europe — Aircall’s Office, 11 Rue Saint-Georges, 75009 Paris, France. Register here.

  • June 28, 2PM ET — HubSpot is hosting "The Co-Marketing Playbook" for Tech Partners! Learn how Justin Zimmerman (Partner Playbooks), Michael Cole (Everflow), Cori Kendrick (Clickup), Isaac Smith (ON24) generate MQLs thru/with partners. Hosted by Kelly Sarabyn (Hubspot). Register here.

🗣️ Quote of the Day

Understanding the array of co-sell motions, the associated objectives and the related processes, and building out an EDR (ecosystem development rep) team, will be critical for partner teams to drive revenue in the coming year. — Allan Adler

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Nearbound Daily #077: Buy-In Guaranteed

Leveraging Nearbound Plays: Partner Strategies for Scalable B2B Success.

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