Nearbound Daily #081: The Promise of Partnership Automation

Nearbound Daily #081: The Promise of Partnership Automation 2 min
Automation eliminates tedious, repetitive tasks so that people can focus on the things that matter, like actually building relationships. - Rob Rebholz

No one likes to be treated like a robot 🤖.

We definitely don’t want automated emails coming from our closest partners (what if your spouse did that!).

But when used carefully, automation can lead to better partnerships.

Think of the automatic Zoom links in your calendar, the ability to auto-schedule tasks, or the power to schedule this PhD newsletter.

Automation frees us up to focus on higher-value things like connecting 1-1 with others.

If you want more time for meaningful connections, use automation to cut out tiresome tasks.

Get more value from your ecosystem

Here’s why your Nearbound strategy isn’t working.

You don’t have the buy-in you need.

You’re not clearly communicating to both teams what’s in it for them, and what’s required to win.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix:

Mobilize an army of Nearbound champions.

Check out Ademola’s video below.

The market will thank you for it.

Mobilize and army of Nearbound champions. Watch the full clip here.

The State of Partner Led Growth

HubSpot recently released The State of the Partner Led Growth report.

It shows that Sales and Marketing leaders make the majority of their purchase decision based on the opinions of those in

their professional network.

They aren’t going to Google, they are reaching out to those they trust.

The Who economy is here and it requires new tactics (Nearbound?) to adjust.

Click here to download the full report.

📅 Happenings

  • June 14, 12 PM ET — How to Be a Partnerships MVP: Firneo Summer 2023 Cohort Program Preview. Register here.

  • June 15, 12 PM ET — No B.S. Guide to Co-Selling Millions with Partners (from partnership people who’ve really done it). Chris Lavoie, Rob Rebholz, and Justin Zimmerman will share the real-world sh*t that works. Register here.

  • June 23, 1 PM ET, Unf*ck My Funnel There is no funnel too f*cked! Join Jared Fuller & Jared Robin as they team up to right go-to-market wrongs and improve the lives of revenue pros everywhere. Register here.

  • June 27, 17:00 - 21:00 CET — Partnership Leaders x Reveal: Elevation Tour — Europe — Aircall’s Office, 11 Rue Saint—Georges, 75009 Paris, France. Register here.

  • June 28, 2 PM ET HubSpot is hosting "The Co—Marketing Playbook" for Tech Partners! Learn how Justin Zimmerman (Partner Playbooks), Michael Cole (Everflow), Cori Kendrick (Clickup), and Isaac Smith (ON24) generate MQLs thru/with partners. Hosted by Kelly Sarabyn (Hubspot). Register here.

🌄 Image of the Day

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Nearbound Daily #081: The Promise of Partnership Automation

Leveraging Automation for Enhanced Partner Engagement.

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