Nearbound Daily #82: Win Over Your CRO & Crush Partner Quotas

Nearbound Daily #82: Win Over Your CRO & Crush Partner Quotas 3 min

Use these tips to crush quota:

  1. Use easy—to—understand words that mean something to people — like co-sell.
  2. Solve big pain/problems — like $MM wasted on SDRs when there is a 4x better solution — co-sell with folks our prospects and oppts trust.
  3. Only mention Partnering or Ecosystems because it solves for the pain in #2.
  4. Create a business case that the biz can save money with while increasing new logo growth with an EDR vs SDR motion.
  5. Be willing (when ready and you’ve seen the light) to put your badge on the line.

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Increase partner pipeline by 26%

The Isaac Morehouse and Jared Fuller recently got together with Jay McBain, Jonathan (JD) Deveaux, to discuss how to drive partner engagement and increase partner pipeline.

Did you miss the event? Check it out below:

At the event, Jay McBain discussed the importance of cutting through the clutter and meeting your partners at their watering holes.

Click here to watch this clip.

🏅 Become a certified partner pro

Firneo’s Certified Partnerships Professional program is an 8—week certification program that teaches you the playbook for creating game-changing partnerships.

You’ll learn frameworks and tactics that will help you excel in every facet of your partnerships role.

During the course, you’ll get hands-on practice with negotiations, collaboration with peers, and case studies designed to challenge you to think outside the box.

Register here to get a preview of the program on June 14th (tomorrow).

📅 Happenings

  • June 14, 12 PM ET How to Be a Partnerships MVP: Firneo Summer 2023 Cohort Program Preview. Register here.

  • June 15, 12 PM ET No B.S. Guide to Co-Selling Millions with Partners (from partnership people who’ve really done it). Chris Lavoie, Rob Rebholz, and Justin Zimmerman will share the real-world sh*t that works. Register here.

  • June 20, 12 PM ET — WTF is GTM — Join Barrett King, Senior Manager of Global GTM Strategy for Hubspot’s partner ecosystem, and Scott Pollock of Firneo as they shine a light on why we’re even going to market in the first place. Register here.

  • June 23, 1 PM ET, Unf*ck My Funnel — There is no funnel too f*cked! Join Jared Fuller & Jared Robin as they team up to right go—to—market wrongs and improve the lives of revenue pros everywhere. Register here.

  • June 27, 17:00 - 21:00 CET — Partnership Leaders x Reveal: Elevation Tour — Europe — Aircall’s Office, 11 Rue Saint—Georges, 75009 Paris, France. Register here.

  • June 28, 2 PM ET — HubSpot is hosting "The Co—Marketing Playbook" for Tech Partners! Learn how Justin Zimmerman (Partner Playbooks), Michael Cole (Everflow), Cori Kendrick (Clickup), and Isaac Smith (ON24) generate MQLs thru/with partners. Hosted by Kelly Sarabyn (Hubspot). Register here.

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Nearbound Daily #82: Win Over Your CRO & Crush Partner Quotas

Unlocking Sales Success and Partner Engagement Strategies.

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