Nearbound Daily #090: A Path to the Promised Land

Nearbound Daily #090: A Path to the Promised Land 4 min

Take action with your partners — this is the way...

The other day I spoke to a VP of Marketing @ a $10mil ARR company 🤔 ... "We can’t keep doing the same to maintain growth — how do I use #partnerships?"

💡 The path to the promised land:

"For every marketing activity you do, include partners."

I was at Forrester B2B this past week and spoke to a partner marketer that said: "When we run a webinar on our own, we get 2,000 registrants. With partners, it’s 5,000."

The examples are numerous... but how do you take action on this?

1) Determine a select few partners you’re going to double down on.

✍ Don’t try and boil the ocean. You lose momentum when there are too many players.

2) EVERY marketing program should consider partners first.

✍ Blog post? Co—write it with, and quote, partners.

✍ Webinar? Invite them to speak. Make them famous.

✍ Social campaign? Tag partners and talk about joint value.

3) Track the data SIMPLY first.

✍ Create a campaign code for each of the (few) partners. Tag any contacts that come in through your programs with them.

4) Track "dark social" type attribution.

✍ Example: Ensure you have a "How did you hear about us?" free form field in all of your forms.

💡 When you shift from a 1-to-many... to a 1 — to — 1 — to — many... you unlock network effects and growth you simply couldn’t achieve doing it yourself.

This kind of Nearbound play is what marketers NEED to be thinking about in this economic climate.

You cannot reach scale if you do not work with partners.

🤮 Customers are sick of being sold to

In today’s landscape, you need to zoom out a bit.

10 years ago, marketing was ruled by data and automation.

But customers are sick of being sold and marketed to. 🤮

We can’t just look at our company, our magnet, and our prospect.

We need to look at the market as a whole.

Instead of just building a bigger magnet to attract customers, we need to take a new approach.

Your customers are craving trust. They want to buy from real people. 👋

So give ’em what they want!

Start making authentic content with people your customers already trust.

Find out more on the Marketing Together Podcast with Logan Lyles.

Incentivize your partners

Jonathan (JD) Deveaux shares how to incentivize your partners the right way.

Incentives can work when there is a gap and you start to see the decline.

You can use incentives as a tool to engage your partners.

They open an opportunity to augment the other things that the sales teams need.

Jonathan Deveaux shared his insights on using incentives to engage partners at our last event.

Check out the full event replay here.

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  • Today Apply for Firneo Certified Partnerships Professional program. Learn the frameworks and tactics to excel in every facet of your partnerships role. Special offer for PhD subs: Get a free 1:1 mentor coaching session upon enrollment. Apply by June 23.

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Nearbound Daily #090: A Path to the Promised Land

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