Nearbound Daily #100: Enable Your Partners the Right Way

Nearbound Daily #100: Enable Your Partners the Right Way

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Don’t make this beginner’s mistake

Beginner: Partner enablement is just repurposed sales enablement.

Intermediate: Partner enablement is designed around your convenience.

Advanced: Partner enablement is designed for what you think your partners need.

Master: Partner enablement is designed with your partners, not just for them.

Keep it simple (no, really simple)

Last week, I spoke with Andreas Krause, partner manager at Alaiko, about how he’s been using Notion as his PRM.

Andreas customizes a Notion page for each of his partners. In it, he uploads all of the assets, one-pagers, and FAQs his partners need for success.

He doesn’t use a PRM because it would be unnecessarily clunky at this point.

Rather, he focuses on customizing a great Notion page for each partner to reference when needed.

No complex setups or logins are required.

Keep it simple.

Don’t let your partner tech hold you back from helping your partners get what they need to achieve success.

Channel, Nearbound, and Platform with James Hodgkinson

Last week, on the Partner Up podcast, James Hodgkinson talked about the Nearbound tools and methods he’s using to grow his business.

Using a Nearbound approach is the next opportunity for businesses to level up.

Direct sales are no longer working like they used to.

People are overwhelmed with information.

You need to leverage the people and businesses your customers already know and trust.

Check out the full episode here.

📅 Happenings

  • July 12, 12 PM ET – What is Account Mapping? Join David Herzog, Senior Worldwide Go-to-Market Leader at Amazon, and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they unlock the mysteries of account mapping. Register here.

🗣️ Quote of the Day

Everything we do is driven through our ecosystem. That’s our primary go-to-market strategy. - James Hodgkinson

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #100: Enable Your Partners the Right Way

Don't make this partnerships mistake.

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