Nearbound Daily #101: Start with Who, Not How

Nearbound Daily #101: Start with Who, Not How

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You’ve gotta start thinking about the WHO economy

Here’s what I mean:

We’ve all got access to the same *how*:

— We can all start a podcast.

— We can all launch a YouTube channel.

— We can all post on LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok & Instagram.

But it changes the game if we start paying attention to *who* can help us reach our audience.

So, where do you start looking if you shift to WHO, not HOW?

Here’s a short list I’ve been compiling as I talk to other marketers on the Marketing Together Podcast.

These are the *who* (outside of your marketing team) you can start marketing with:

— Your Founder

— Your SME’s

— Employees

— Prospects

— Content Creators

— Former Buyers

— Your advisors

— Integration partners

— Board Members

— Agency Partners

Start there and let me know where you end up.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Logan Lyles.

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #101: Start with Who, Not How

You've gotta start thinking about the WHO economy.

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