Nearbound Daily #102: Sprinkle Some Nearbound in the Mix

Nearbound Daily #102: Sprinkle Some Nearbound in the Mix

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Trust > integrations

If you think a "tech partner" is only an integration, you’re missing the opportunity to add Nearbound revenue to your mix.

Integrations are table stakes. Buyers demand them.

Your solution has to work well with the other tools they already trust.

But you can tap into that trust for a lot more than just integrated tools!

Every tech partner represents an expansion of the trust you have in the market because you get to benefit from the trust they’ve built in addition to your own.

You can use that for the three ’I’s of Nearbound:




Your next deal is probably already sitting in your network!

Don’t overlook it as you focus on inbound and outbound.

Embrace the creative mindset

I think we have to change our mindset, and put the creators first. And if we embrace the creators, and become an engine that empowers creators, you learn more about their audience, you help them pick the right topics, and you help them produce content that is relevant and personal.— Nick Bennett

On the Marketing Together podcast, Nick Bennett talks about the importance of working with creators to build trust and influence.

He breaks it down into a 3 step process with host Logan Lyles.

Check it out on Marketing Together.

You can’t automate relationships

I think a lot of people are neglecting the whole onboarding and enablement side of things. What you need to do first is build relationships. — Rob Rebholz

Rob Rebholz, CEO of Superglue, joins the Friends with Benefits show to discuss scaling partnerships with consistency and focus.

Rob explains how AI can be leveraged to scale partnerships.

Join Rob, Sam, and Jason as they geek out on partnerships — check out the show.

📅 Happenings

  • July 12, 12 PM ET — What is Account Mapping? Join David Herzog, Senior Worldwide Go—to—Market Leader at Amazon, and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they unlock the mysteries of account mapping.

Register here.

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #102: Sprinkle Some Nearbound in the Mix

If you think a 'tech partner' is only an integration, you're missing the opportunity to add Nearbound revenue to your mix.

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