Nearbound Daily #104: Nearbound Isn't Just About Partnerships

Nearbound Daily #104: Nearbound Isn't Just About Partnerships

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Nearbound builds leverage

Nearbound helps you leverage partnerships to drive revenue.

Let’s take gardening as an example:

👨‍🌾 Leadership wants to plant a garden, aka — they want to build a partner ecosystem.

They have to decide exactly what (and how much) they want to get out of it and hold teams accountable to those goals.

Your Leadership Team is the garden planner.

🌱 Partner Managers have to keep each plant healthy.

They have to nurture relationships to give back over the long term. The Partnership team tends the garden.

🍅 Then comes Nearbound in action.

Sales teams pick intel, introductions, and influence off the vines and branches the PMs have grown and use them to close more deals and close them faster.

Sales Reps are the harvesters.

PMs should be down in the dirt with their Sales Reps, advising them on which plants to harvest and when.

That’s how you leverage Nearbound.

🔓 Unlock partnerships revenue through the power of data

Here’s how to help your partner and your team understand and reciprocate the power of data:

  1. Win-win weekly meetings. Have weekly one-on-one meetings with your GTM team (AEs, Partner Managers, CSM) and partners, and use that time to build reciprocity.
  2. Track all your outbound requests for intel or intros to help support new opportunities. Keep an eye on the pipeline and overlaps to identify where you can reciprocate with either intel or intros.
  3. Establish a dedicated channel to provide intel. You have to bring the intel into the flows your team and partners are already working in, be it Slack, Salesforce, or HubSpot.

Check out the full article at Reveal:

The evolution of the modern marketplace

On the Unlearn Podcast, Kelly Sarabyn, Peter Evans, and Asher Mathew discussed the relationships between platforms, marketplaces, and partnerships.

They touch on:

➡ The evolution of digital marketplaces in B2C and B2B

➡ The value that marketplaces bring the purchaser, the 3rd party suppliers/partners, and the platform

➡ The importance of a sense of community to sustainable platforms and marketplace

➡ How marketplaces/platforms can tax participants

Check out the full chat here.

📅 Happenings

  • July 12, 12 PM ET — In the next Nearbound at Work session, Logan Lyles will tell you how to leverage the Who Economy and Nearbound as he guides you through the last two phases of marketing together: Activation and Iteration. Register here.

  • July 12, 12 PM ET What is Account Mapping? Join David Herzog, Senior Worldwide Go-to-Market Leader at Amazon, and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they unlock the mysteries of account mapping. Register here.

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #104: Nearbound Isn't Just About Partnerships

Nearbound helps you leverage partnerships to drive revenue.

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