Nearbound Daily #115: Stop Pretending Everything is OK

Nearbound Daily #115: Stop Pretending Everything is OK

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Are you a Communist Cabinet Member; or a GTM leader?

One keeps denying reality and pretending they’ll hit their quota.

The other looks reality in the face and adjusts strategies to meet it.

The same outbound and inbound plays won’t get the job done in this market. Buyer behavior has changed.

Buyers are leaning on individuals they trust to make decisions.

You have to tap into those individuals for intel, intros, and influence at every step of the journey.

That’s called Nearbound.

It’s how sellers can leverage the relationships already in your network of partners to close more deals this quarter.

It’s how outbound and inbound become more effective, because they move from merely interrupting or attracting buyers to surrounding them.

It’s time to stop pretending everything is fine. It’s time for a Nearbound approach.

Stop selling on hard-mode

Selling is hard. Companies are not hitting their targets.

But there are proven ways to make it easy.

Jared Fuller has authored the Nearbound Sales Blueprint to share the tactics you can use to switch on easy mode.

Here are the 3-steps to the Nearbound Blueprint:

  1. Nail your Nearbound Sales Math: Understand the numbers that drive your sales.
  2. Create your Nearbound Account List: Identify the right accounts to target.
  3. Run the Nearbound Sales Plays: Execute your strategy using intel, intros, and influence.

The result?

More sales, less effort. Get your copy now.

Navigating partnerships with Alicia Gan

Alicia Gan, Partnerships Manager at AfterSell, joined the Howdy Partner posse to share tips for building a strong partnerships career.

She unpacks the agency partner program she’s building at AfterSell, how she’s leveraging Twitter to find potential partners, and how to bring energy and focus each day as a partner professional.

📅 Happenings

  • Today at 2 PM ET – Mastering Power Dynamics in Negotiations – Join Janet Giesen (Principal at JetPath Consulting) and Scott Pollack as they teach effective strategies to leverage power dynamics so you can negotiate from a position of strength.

Register here.

Quote of the Day

Reward employees who post according to their work. Then you’ll have internal employees chomping at the bit. — Ryan Musselman of Parade Studio on Marketing Together

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #115: Stop Pretending Everything is OK

Are you a Communist Cabinet Member; or a GTM leader?

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