Nearbound Daily #116: All Games Get Gamed

Nearbound Daily #116: All Games Get Gamed

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Here is where we’re at:

- SEO is gamed --> Google sucks to use as a product

- Review sites are gamed --> No one trusts aggregate data, they trust people

- Email is gamed --> Average human gets 150+ per day

- Cold calls are gamed --> Robokiller kills robocalls

- Social is gamed --> Algo simping garbage

- Paid social is worst --> Median B2B CAC of $57k according to a Metadata study

Here’s how we got there:

--> The Outbound Era was precipitated by the database from the "where" economy.

--> The Inbound Era was precipitated by the automation built on the cloud data from the "how" economy.

--> We got overwhelmed with noise, data, and have lost signal.

We’re in the midst of a great change in B2B (& especially in SaaS).

A changing of the guard. A new era. We are turning in toward circles of trust and experience and away from gimmicks and games.

Knowing why we’re here is both critical and essential if you want to stop just talking about the problems, but drive solutions that work now.

It’s a new era.

What got you here, I promise, won’t get you there.

The importance of authentic marketing with Mason Cosby

Mason Cosby plays a new intro on the Friends with Benefits pod 🎷

Who doesn’t love a bit of morning Jazz on a partnerships podcast? Or even better — Marketing tactics from the best?

Mason Cosby joined Sam and Jason Yarborough on the Friends with Benefits podcast to talk about driving authentic connections through everything you do.

Plus, don’t miss Mason’s personal story of encountering his favorite band, King’s Kaleidoscope, and his unexpected opportunity to co-create music with them.

Check out the full pod here.

Three steps to activate Nearbound sales

1️⃣ Determine the current percentage of accounts driving opportunities from outbound, inbound, and partnerships.

2️⃣ Establish the percentage of accounts that should be partner attached.

3️⃣ Identify the percentage of activities that should be Nearbound sales activities—besides asking for a referral.

Nearbound is not just about working with partners, it is about leveraging relationships, the 3 “I’s” of Nearbound sales, and the existing trust that is already in your ecosystem.

Stop selling on hard mode; get the Nearbound Sales Blueprint.

Download it today.

Quote of the Day

Building trust in marketing is about being authentic, providing value, and constantly evolving your brand while serving your audience. — Mason Cosby on Friends with Benefits

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #116: All Games Get Gamed

We're in the midst of a great change in B2B (& especially in SaaS).

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