Nearbound Daily #117: Start Tracking Impact

Nearbound Daily #117: Start Tracking Impact

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Start with your LTV

It’s kind of crazy to me how few partnerships professionals are tracking their impact outside of net new revenue...

Yes, we can bring in a ton of pipeline and revenue and even influence other no-partnerships deals, but that’s just a fraction of the story.

We need to also be looking at the most valuable and profitable part of the business; existing customers, and how partnerships can add quantifiable value there.

It all starts with tracking as much as you can in your CRM.

Find anything you can and build from there; start with LTV of partner-sourced accounts or accounts with integrations.

Then look at growth via partnerships and revenue that brings to the business.

This will completely change the way leadership and other internal teams look at partnerships, and that will change how willing they are to support your efforts and initiatives outside of lead gen...

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Marco De Paulis.

Starting from scratch

Companies are getting into partnerships for the first time.

They’re also hiring folks to build them that haven’t done it before.

They’re starting from literal scratch.

Check out the Literal Scratch Podcast from Aaron Howerton, Adam Pasch, and Jessie Shipman.

It’s three besties talking about their partnerships experience.

Introducing: Nearbound ABM.

What is Nearbound ABM?

It’s ABM on steroids.

It’s a sniper-like approach to marketing.

You aim at high-value accounts by tailoring content that solves their problems.

Instead of blasting your message to everyone, you deliver the right message at the right time to targeted accounts in your ecosystem.

The result?

Shorter sales cycles, higher ROI, and less wasted resources.

Read more about Nearbound ABM on the Reveal blog.

Stat of the Day

2023 is the first year (ever) that tech services are larger than telco services. (Canalys)

Thanks for the stats, Jay McBain.

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #117: Start Tracking Impact

Partnerships start with your LTV.

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