Nearbound Daily #120: Trust the Process

Nearbound Daily #120: Trust the Process

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It’s time to play catch up 🍅🚀

Partnerships, founders, and creators all suffer from the Ketchup effect 🍅.

First slowly, then all at once.

Building an audience, a strong partnership, or raising funding all have one thing in common.

They take a long time!

We spent months talking to +50 investors at our startup with little to show for it. Once our lead investor signed on, the round closed in two weeks.

I’ve created tons of videos only my mom watched, but once the algorithm picks you up, you rocket to +500k views.

Getting stakeholder buy-in can drag on, but once a partnership gains momentum, it can change your entire business.

Building momentum is all that matters, even if right now it might feel like rolling a bolder up a hill. 🪨

Success is almost never linear. 📈

It’s exponential. 🚀

Once the boulder rolls downhill, it’s unstoppable.

The biggest challenge is to stay motivated during the initial climb ⛰️.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Franz-Josef Schrepf.

Drive revenue together 🤝

Tom Slocum, Founder and CEO of The SD Lab, joins the Howdy Partner posse to discuss how sellers can move to a proactive mindset and take advantage of partner plays to increase sales.

They discuss the state of selling and why cold outreach isn’t working like it used to.

Tom shares how the sellers can use partnerships to outperform their peers using the 3 I’s of Nearbound.

You don’t need a bigger magnet 🧲

Logan Lyles, Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, was on the Outcomes podcast talking about the importance of Nearbound marketing.

Logan explained that you don’t need a bigger magnet; you must start using multiple magnets. Start by connecting with those your customers already trust.

Here are three takeaways from the podcast:

1. Start internally: Activate your founders, subject matter experts, and customer service folks to create content.

2. Leverage external relationships: Your agency or solution partners, integration partners, content creators, and influencers already have a level of trust. Engage them to create authentic content that can draw your prospects closer.

3. Create brand evangelists: Leverage your employees to become evangelists for your company.

Check out the full podcast here.

Quote of the Day

There are processes in a good marriage. There are processes in a good partnership. There are workflows; there’s logic, business logic around it. There are underlying programmatic ways to write better partnerships."- Jay McBain on the Friends with Benefits Podcast

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #120: Trust the Process

It's time to play catch up.

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