Nearbound Daily #123: It Doesn't Have to Be This Hard

Nearbound Daily #123: It Doesn't Have to Be This Hard

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B2B makes everything so damn difficult

Like way. too. hard.

But here is what partnerships are all about: Adding value to the customer.

That’s what it all comes down to.

As Sunir Shah of AppBind has said time and again:

The only reason we partner is because customers demand it. If customers don’t care about partnerships, then there’s no reason for them to exist.

At the end of the day, it’s the end customer that drives the relationship.

Don’t complicate your partnership – keep the customer in mind.

How to make your Nearbound pitch

The GTM world has shifted. The old ways are no longer working.

You know this; everyone in B2B knows it.

But how do you get buy-in for a Nearbound approach from your C-Suite? You do it with a Nearbound pitch.

Reveal has outlined the key points you need to hit on to pitch a Nearbound approach.

Check it out here.

Help prove the value of partnerships

Want to help prove the value of partnerships to your leadership?

Partner Fleet, Paragon, and PartnerStack have partnered up to uncover integration data we can all use in our GTM motions.

Here’s how you can help: Fill in this 5-minute survey to help gather important info and data across the SaaS ecosystem.

Respondents will get first access to the data and a chance to win a $500 gift card.

Accepting survey responses until Aug 11th.

📅 Happenings

  • Aug 16, 2 PM EST – Partnerships Career Power-Up: Leveraging Transferable Skills – Join Christiannah Oyedeji (Former Head of Partnerships at MailChimp) and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they explore how to build transferable skills that can help you evolve throughout your partnerships career. Register here.

Image of the Day

Managed IT services are expected to continue to grow to a mind-bending $488 billion in 2023. Thank you for the image, Jay McBain.

🤝 One thing doesn’t have to be difficult — sharing the PhD

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #123: It Doesn't Have to Be This Hard

Multiple Contributors - Aaron Olson & Shawnie Hamer B2B makes everything so damn difficult.

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