Nearbound Daily #129: Experiment With Partnerships

Nearbound Daily #129: Experiment With Partnerships

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Find your minimum viable partnership

If you have an idea for a great partnership, experiment first.

Is there a way you can test it without permission? Try it.

Before you make your pitch to your potential partner, show some proof.

Talk is cheap. Whenever possible, show, don’t tell.

(PS - Share any MVP examples or ideas with us!)

Don’t shy away from complexity

Building a business is complex, but doesn’t need to be chaotic.

Order can be found within chaos.

The path to failure? Trying to simplify.

You can’t simplify something inherently complex.

Human relationships are complex.

Sales, partnerships, and customer success are complex.

Instead of simplifying, Mindmatrix has chosen a different path. They’ve chosen to stare complexity in the eye and harness it.

Learn how Mindmatrix takes a human approach to a complex world:

Read the full article here.

Vinay Bhagat’s shocking take on the 4.7 star syndrome

In the era of SaaS, there are very few crappy products. You’re not going to survive if you’ve got a terrible product. A product may be good for someone else, but bad for you because you have a different use case." - Vinay Bhagat, CEO of TrustRadius.

Buyers don’t expect your software to be perfect. No piece of software is.

But they do want transparency around what they’re getting into.

Vinay Bhagat shared his insights about what buyers actually care about when it comes to ratings and reviews.

He emphasizes the importance of getting reviews that buyers can actually trust. He gives tips for how companies can better leverage reviews while emphasizing the importance of a “radius of trust.”

Check out the full convo on the PartnerUp podcast.

📅 Happenings

  • Aug 16, 2 PM EST – Partnerships Career Power-Up: Leveraging Transferable Skills – Join Christiannah Oyedeji (Former Head of Partnerships at MailChimp) and Scott Pollack (CEO at Firneo) as they explore how to build transferable skills that can help you evolve throughout your partnerships career. Register here.
  • September 8, 12 PM EST - Game Changers: Isaac Morehouse — Isaac will join Oana Manolache to talk about how to use content creation to define a category. He’ll share the 3 elements to help you build brand awareness, drive pipeline, and unite your team. Register here.

Quote of the Day

Our intention is to create such a powerful new category, that we cannot service the whole thing ourselves, we’re creating more economic opportunity and more value opportunity for our customers, then we, the category designer of the whole space, can deliver on ourselves. – Christopher Lochhead on the ParnterUp Podcast

🧪 Experiment with this — send the PhD to a partner pro

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Multiple Contributors 2 min

Nearbound Daily #129: Experiment With Partnerships

Multiple Contributors - Aaron Olson & Will Taylor Find your minimum viable partnership.

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