Nearbound Daily #132: The First Giver Wins

Nearbound Daily #132: The First Giver Wins

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There’s an open secret in partnerships...

The first giver wins.

Don’t wait for the quid pro quo.

Make the first move.

Stand out, consider what you can do to set yourself apart from the crowd. First impressions matter—a lot.

When you act generously from the beginning, you set the tone for the relationship.

Don’t pass on the opportunity to give first.

Unleash your company’s hidden evangelists

How do you activate your team to enhance your marketing efforts? Jess Cook, Head of Content at LASSO, has cracked the code.

She joined Logan Lyles on the Marketing Together Podcast to talk about how to get your employees to become evangelists for your company.

Listen to the full interview here.

📅 Happenings

  • August 23, 2 PM EST — Partner Jobs Landscape: Choosing Your Ideal Role — Join Rudmila Rahman and Scott Pollack as they discuss how to achieve your career goals in partnerships. Register here.
  • September 8, 12 PM EST - Game Changers: Isaac Morehouse — Isaac will join Oana Manolache to talk about how to use content creation to define a category. He’ll share the 3 elements to help you build brand awareness, drive pipeline, and unite your team. Register here.

Quote of the Day

One of the best sales tactics I could ever give to anyone is before you’re going for an ask, ask permission for the ask. It just almost guarantees that next step. – Jared Fuller at the Nearbound at Work Event

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Multiple Contributors 1 min

Nearbound Daily #132: The First Giver Wins

Multiple Contributors - Aaron Olson & Alex Hernandez The first giver wins. Don't wait for the quid pro quo.

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