Nearbound Daily #135: Microsoft’s $6.5 Trillion Partner Ecosystem Opportunity

Nearbound Daily #135: Microsoft’s $6.5 Trillion Partner Ecosystem Opportunity

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Isn’t it obvious?

In a recent conversation with Aaron McGarry from Qualtrics, Isaac mentioned something he hears a lot:

“Isn’t tapping in to people your buyers trust for intel, intros, and influence just what good salespeople always have done?”

Yes, completely!

Nearbound Sales doesn’t pretend that tapping into influence and intelligence is new. It’s not.

What’s new, however, are:

  1. Scale
  2. Speed

The digital era allows us to do things never before possible. That led to partnering for intel, intros, and influence being put on the back burner while direct sales and marketing exploded. Now buyers are tired and reverting back to networks of trust.

That’s why Nearbound Sales tactics are interesting. They’re teaching you how to tap into influence and intelligence at scale and with precision, combining the best of the digital world with deeply human levels of trust.

How to pitch the heck outta Nearbound

Nearbound is the only GTM Strategy that will get your company out of survival mode and into success, but getting internal buy-in is hard.

Here are the key points you should cover in your Nearbound pitch:

  1. The How vs. Who Economy
  2. What is Nearbound?
  3. What Nearbound Looks Like for Your Company
  4. Solutions to Help Operationalize Nearbound (Reveal & Crossbeam)
  5. Proof, Proof, Proof

Find everything you need to construct the most compelling Nearbound pitch here.

And watch this video from Ademola!

Partnerships are Microsoft’s greatest asset in the AI race

AI excitement is everywhere, but no one’s talking about the MASSIVE role partners are playing.

A few months ago, we reported on ChatGPT’s insane growth (over 100 million monthly users in only two months) and the phrase that’s everywhere, “powered by partnerships.” Check out that article.

This week we’re reporting on Microsoft’s massive investment into AI and the critical role partners are playing in that investment.

According to Microsoft’s CTO Vineet Aurora, “The scale of the investment that we have planned is [incomparable] to anything else that we have done in the last 16 years.”

And getting partners bought in is integral.

“Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella called next-generation AI a partner ecosystem opportunity that could span $4 trillion to $6.5 trillion.”

Nadella believes that Microsoft’s partner distribution is unrivaled, which makes it their biggest asset in the AI race.

Read more on CRN and join in on the conversation here.

Microsoft Partners: This Is Your Copilot Speaking | CRN

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Multiple Contributors 3 min

Nearbound Daily #135: Microsoft’s $6.5 Trillion Partner Ecosystem Opportunity

Multiple Contributors - Shawnie Hamer & Micaela Richmond In a recent conversation with Aaron McGarry from Qualtrics, Isaac mentioned something he’s hearing a lot: “Don’t experienced salespeople tap into people & buyers trust for intelligence and influence?”

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