Nearbound Daily #136: How to Get Intel From Partners

Nearbound Daily #136: How to Get Intel From Partners

Jared Fuller 3 min

Information wins negotiations

Successful partnerships are always the result of successful negotiations.

Want to know the number one rule in negotiations?

One simple word.


Chris Voss, in his monumental book Never Split the Difference, explains negotiation is information gathering because information gives you leverage. Here are a few examples of how information gives you a leg-up in B2B SaaS.

It helps you:

  • Identify key decision-makers
  • Prep stronger outreach
  • Build stronger rapport
  • Address relevant, frustrating problems
  • Propose personalized solutions

The internet gives everyone information, but here’s the secret: at least one of your partners has key information LinkedIn and Google don’t have.

Three steps to get quality intel

When it comes to accelerating your pipeline, intel is the gas pedal.

Your partner is like a friend who the company (and decision maker) you’re trying to sell to already trusts.

They have helpful information that will allow you to position yourself and your strategy much better.

Three steps to get quality intel:

Step 1: Use what you know

  • Analyze your data from a tool like Reveal or Crossbeam to find partner presence.
  • Leverage the relationship you have with your partner and what you know about them to draft a value proposition.

Step 2: Help first

  • Reach out to partner with valuable intel on an account they’re going after. Help them, then ask for what you need.

Step 3: Don’t rely on the intel of just one partner

  • Mine intel from each partner you have a good relationship with to get a holistic view of the prospect’s objectives and pain points.
  • Use account mapping to help you do this.

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94% of Zscaler’s revenue at $1.5 Billion ARR came from channel partners

Jason Lemkin reflected on his learnings from Zscaler at $1.5 Billion ARR. One of his learnings was: the vast majority of revenue comes in part or in whole from the channel.

He shared,

In 2021, 94% of Zscaler’s revenue came in part or in whole from channel partners, from SIs at the high end to VARs at the low end. So many enterprise sales are really through the channel — and not direct sales.

(Shoutout to Jill Rowley for sharing this with us!)

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Jared Fuller 3 min

Nearbound Daily #136: How to Get Intel From Partners

Successful partnerships are always the result of successful negotiations

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