Nearbound Daily: How Barbie Hijacked The World

Nearbound Daily: How Barbie Hijacked The World

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An era marked by the number 28


That’s how many moments exist between you and a customer’s purchase decision.

From the moment they have a problem to the point when they make vendor selection, these 28 moments are everything.

In the past 10 years, B2B leveraged Martech and AdTech to influence those 28 moments.

That doesn’t work anymore.

The lack of third-party data means the only way a company successfully owns and attributes those 28 moments is through partnerships.

Jay McBain summed it up like this,

Get obsessed with who surrounds your customer…the ecosystem between you and around your customer. Partnerships are so much more than just the sale now.

Check out his podcast with Barrett King.

And keep reading to see how Barbie owned their ICP’s 28 moments.

Three projects you need to run

In the era of the ecosystem, the companies that win surround their customers to drive adoption, integration, and stickiness.

They understand that the goal isn’t a transaction, it’s a relationship. In fact, it’s a lattice of interconnected relationships.

Jay McBain recommends 3 concurrent projects for anyone looking to run Nearbound surround:

  1. Identify your TAM (total addressable market), SAM (serviceable available market), and SOM (serviceable obtainable market)
  2. Can you handle demand?
  3. Surround
  4. Get to know your customer’s watering holes. Identify them. Live in them. Participate in them. Partner with them.
  5. Identify movers and shakers
  6. Identify who, in each of these watering holes, is influential. Order their influence, and prioritize partnering with those people and companies.

Nearbound surround Barbie

Almost a month has passed since Barbie hit theaters, and it’s already become Warner Bros’ highest-grossing domestic release.

That’s not by accident.

Their marketing campaign was next-level, and their use of partnerships was expert.

I couldn’t go ten feet without hearing, seeing, or reading something Barbie-related.


They knew who influenced their target market, and they surrounded their target market completely.

Here are a few:

  1. Swoon pink lemonade
  2. Pinkberry frozen yogurt
  3. Cold Stone Creamery ice cream
  4. Pasta G. Di Martino pennette rigate
  5. Burger King pink burger
  6. Pac Sun
  7. Boohoo
  8. Forever 21
  9. Hot Topic
  10. Bloomingdale’s

Click here to see Barbie’s 35 other partnerships.

Well played, Barbie.

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You’re a part of someone’s 28 moments

Forward this Nearbound Daily to a friend and become a part of their 28 moments to being partner-pilled.

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Multiple Contributors 3 min

Nearbound Daily: How Barbie Hijacked The World

There are 28 moments between you and your customers making a purchase decision. Partner up to be part of all 28.

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