Nearbound Weekend 03/04: How Can We Save B2B?

Nearbound Weekend 03/04: How Can We Save B2B?

Jared Fuller 3 min

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

Recently published:

The plan to save B2B is now public

No secrets. All in the open. Here’s our story:

Phase 0: Curiosity

Phase 1: Courage

Phase 2: Conviction

➡️ Enter: Phase 0 — Curiosity – PartnerUp

Phase 0 was the PartnerUp Podcast. My cheat code on learning. I’ve recorded 100 episodes so far.

The podcast fueled me to be insanely CURIOUS. Who had the secrets to partner ecosystems? What did they do? How did they do it?

I learned a ton talking with the best to have done it.

This curiosity soon turned into courage: Taking a wild bet on this developing motion, I believed it would become mainstream if the cheat codes could be democratized.

➡️ Enter: Phase 1 – Courage – PartnerHacker

One year ago, Isaac and I founded PartnerHacker with the mission of building a world where everyone can win together.

Phase 1’s goal was to spark a partner movement while building a sustainable media brand.

Phase 1’s 2022 accomplishments include:

→ The most-read newsletter in partnerships, PartnerHacker Daily

→ The most listened-to podcast in partnerships, PartnerUp

→ The best-selling book in partnerships, The PartnerHacker Handbook

→ The biggest event in partnerships, The PL[X] Summit

And one of the most trusted brands in the emerging partnerships space with some of the best teammates I could ask for in the world.

Our courage morphed into conviction. What was once an opportunity, became a responsibility.

While Phase 1 efforts will continue as we grow, we are now in a serious position to level up.

➡️ Enter: Phase 2 – Conviction – Nearbound

Outbound drove how companies targeted the market.

Inbound drove how companies attracted the market.

Now, Nearbound drives how companies partner with the market.

The language matters as much as the motion. Nearbound offers the potential of meeting GTM teams where they are, not merely where we want them to be.

Outbound started as a motion before it turned into an entire industry of sales technology, knowledge, strategy, tactics, roles, and processes.

Inbound started as a category before it too sparked an industry.

Nearbound has been a motion for as long as there has been commerce.

But what’s been missing? The language. The clarion call. The rallying cry for a new industry.

We need the playbooks, the competency, the technology, and a movement not to serve themselves but to serve others that are embraced by all teams.

The marketing teams on how to market together.

The sales teams on how to sell together.

This is the way.

We partnered up with Reveal to make this vision real.

I’m honored to partner with the developing Nearbound industry as Chief Ecosystem Officer alongside our incredible team.

I have a responsibility to ALL of my founder friends, colleagues in sales and marketing, people in partnerships, and industry peers.

I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Phase 2 begins, now.

Let’s ride.

-- Jared

Jared Fuller 3 min

Nearbound Weekend 03/04: How Can We Save B2B?

Curiosity, courage, and conviction.

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