Nearbound Weekend 04/01: AI Changes Things (or does it?)

Nearbound Weekend 04/01: AI Changes Things (or does it?)

Aaron Olson 2 min

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:



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A new chapter for PartnerHacker?

We told you that trust was the new data.


But now ChatGPT is here, and data is the new data.


Soon, with AI, you’ll be able to speak anything into existence. With the advent of ChatGPT, we no longer need trust.


ChatGPT gives us answers.


We’re going to be shifting gears at PartnerHacker.


Now that data is the new data; we’re handing everything over to ChatGPT.


No humans needed. See you on the other side.


April fools!


(Yes, it’s a little tiring when companies do April Fools content, but I’m a dad and as such, I’m allowed to overplay jokes.)


With everything being powered by ChatGPT and AI; we’ll have more time to build meaningful relationships.


But we still need visionaries to look over the horizon.


At, we’re here to highlight the best tactics and strategies in B2B SaaS. We want to give you a glimpse of the best frameworks that’ll accelerate the growth of the partnerships ecosystem.


We embrace AI, but we also realize that AI can’t inspire the same trust and forward thinking that we seek to highlight at


AI isn’t enough.


You can’t replace trust. In a world of deepfakes, and gamed 4.7 star reviews on everything, trust is more important than ever.


Trust is still the new data.


- Aaron Olson





Aaron Olson 2 min

Nearbound Weekend 04/01: AI Changes Things (or does it?)

AI isn't enough.

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