Nearbound Weekend 05/20: A Tectonic Shift Is Upon Us

Nearbound Weekend 05/20: A Tectonic Shift Is Upon Us 3 min

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We’ve moved from how —> who

A tectonic shift is upon digital.

We are catapulting from the —> “how” to “who” economy.

The world we live in is no longer a battle of information.

It’s a battle of influence.

The dominant question of the zeitgeist today does not seek to answer questions with “how,” but instead with “who.”

Buyers are no longer asking, “How do I solve X?” Or “Where do I find Y?”

They are asking, “Who has solved X?”

They are leaning on those they trust.

Influence comes from trust.

Trust comes from those who help.

And we no longer have room for opinions or information. Not all opinions or information is equal.

We only have room for proof. “Who has been to the place I am trying to go?”

Or "Who can help me?"

In the old world of “how,” buyers would:

—> Google to find solutions

—> Compare product specs // review sites

—> Evaluate company content

—> Information is Key

—> Buyer believes in your product

—> The best content wins

In the new world of “who,” buyers now:

—> Ask those they trust

—> Vet others who have already accomplished the task

—> Relationship is key

—> Buyers identify with your advocates

—> The best network wins

The evidence is overwhelming.

For example:

1.) Americans receive between 400-10,000 ad impressions per day (Deloitte)

2.) 70% of B2B buyers reference a person, a partner, or word of mouth as their “source” (Refine Labs)

3.) Deals that involve one or more partners have a 41% higher win rate and close 35% faster (Reveal)

In the old world, Google, the major ad platforms, and the companies who gamed them were the winners by gating the answers to “how,” or “where.”

In the new world, influencers like Mr. Beast launch the world’s fastest-growing restaurant AND candy company seemingly overnight through “who.”

Are you prepared for the digital tectonic shift upon us? The future is Nearbound.

You’ve heard, your network is your net worth. That’s Nearbound.

Tattoo it.

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Nearbound Weekend 05/20: A Tectonic Shift Is Upon Us

Your network is your net worth.

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