Nearbound Weekend 06/24: The Early Mover Advantage

Nearbound Weekend 06/24: The Early Mover Advantage


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Don’t die a slow death — join the land of the living

Early mover advantages are real.

No era of business lasts forever.

Companies are made by timing the trends. And there’s a pattern to this timing.

A current big shift is underway. The kind that happens once a decade.

The digital age has grown up and we’ve moved from the ’How’ economy to the ’Who’ economy.

Buyers are no longer asking, "How do I?" because the Infocalypse is overwhelming. They are asking, "Who can help me?".

This shift requires new Go-To-Market strategies.

It requires connecting with those buyers trust for Intel, Intros, and Influence at every stage of the journey, versus just trying to reach buyers directly with the best info.

That’s called Nearbound.

And it’s unfolding as we speak.

Here are the typical phases of these kinds of processes:

1-Market conditions shift (new tech, new sentiment, new regulation, etc.)

2-Radical, early-stage b2c companies adjust first

3-Mainstream b2c adjusts second

4-Early b2b cos adjust next

5-Mainstream b2b adjusts next

6-Nonprofits adjust when the shift is all but played out

7-Governments adjust ten years too late or never

We’re somewhere around stage 3-4.

The early movers reap huge gains.

Those gains decrease as it becomes standard practice needed just to survive.

Those who don’t adjust die.

Join the land of the living with a Nearbound strategy.

— Isaac Morehouse

P.S. - What’s your Nearbound strategy? Let me know in the comments on this post.

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Nearbound Weekend 06/24: The Early Mover Advantage

Join the land of the living.

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