Nearbound Weekend 07/01: Where Do You Start with Partnerships?

Nearbound Weekend 07/01: Where Do You Start with Partnerships?

Jessie Shipman 2 min

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Confused about partnerships? Start here.

The first question people ask me when they’re interested in partner enablement is...

Where do I start?

From the outside in, it can seem quite complicated.

Because it is.

But the best place to start is with curiosity.

So much enablement strategy starts with "I think this is what my partner needs from me" or "well, this worked for our sales teams"

When in reality, it should start with "What does my partner needs from me"?

🔍 1. Understand Your Partner’s Goals

Get to know what they want to achieve with their service or product. Understand how your product or service helps them achieve them.

🎯 2. Identify the Target Audience

Know who you’re trying to reach to create tailor-made content.

🕵️‍♀️ 3. Keep An Eye on the Competition

Your ecosystem is unique to you, but understanding how your competition is leveraging their partnership with your partner will help you to understand what holes you’re filling that your competition isn’t.

📝 4. Gather Feedback

Don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. Get started with something. Get feedback. Iterate. Feedback on previous content is gold. Use it to improve future campaigns.

📚 5. Stay Current with Best Practices

Keep learning! Make sure your delivery is taking advantage of cutting-edge learning industry standards.

Starting with curiosity allows you to create effective learning content that resonates with your partners and their audiences!

Thanks for contributing to the PhD Weekend Edition, Jessie Shipman.

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Jessie Shipman 2 min

Nearbound Weekend 07/01: Where Do You Start with Partnerships?

Confused about partnerships? Start here.

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