Nearbound Weekend 07/22: It's Time To Save Outbound & Inbound

Nearbound Weekend 07/22: It's Time To Save Outbound & Inbound


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B2B knows there’s a problem; it’s time we recognized the solution

Everyone in B2B right now is problem-aware and solution wary.

Problem aware: Revenue leaders know they won’t hit numbers if they just keep doing more (or less in some cases) of the same.

Solution wary: These same leaders are (rightly) cautious and skeptical of new approaches, new tools, silver bullets, crazy experiments, internal re-orgs, etc.

So most are just kind of doing the same stuff, even though they know in their gut it won’t work.

What else can they do?

This isn’t the time for new management philosophies or wild swings. This isn’t the time to just cross your fingers and hope.

Nor is this the time to stop doing the table stakes activities of outbound and inbound.

It’s time to rescue them.

It’s time to get real about the way buyers buy.

Recognize that they buy due to influence from those they already trust at key points along the journey. Recognize that this process isn’t being tracked in your attribution. Recognize that, even though this is the biggest driver of purchases, you’re not incorporating it into your sales and marketing processes.

When you get serious about the world we live in - that we’ve moved from the ’How’ to the ’Who’ economy, where buyers care most about who can help them - you start to see how outbound and inbound can be saved.

You save outbound and inbound with Nearbound.

Nearbound is nothing more than tapping into those your buyers trust for intel, intros, and influence across the entire journey.

It doesn’t need a re-org. The parts are all there. You can layer it right on top.

You have partners already in your network who already have trust with buyers.

You have sellers and marketers who can take this trust and turn it into transactions.

It’s not a revolution; it’s connective tissue.

The biggest productivity gains tend to come from recombining existing things into a form that yields better results. Your network is sitting there, waiting to be pulled into your GTM.

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Nearbound Weekend 07/22: It's Time To Save Outbound & Inbound

B2B knows there's a problem; it's time we recognized the solution

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