Nearbound Weekend 08/05: Partnering Is the #1 Path To Exit

Nearbound Weekend 08/05: Partnering Is the #1 Path To Exit

Jared Fuller 2 min

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Don’t underestimate the partner play

The # 1 path to exit is partnering.

And there isn’t even a close # 2.

Over the next 3 years, the partner movement and role have an opportunity to be the most strategic function inside of your company.

More startups will go to zero than at any time in history. Don’t be that company.

Of course, going public or doing distributions from profits can be a goal.

But only one aligns near-term and long-term objectives.

Partnering and Nearbound plays.

—> Near Term <—


There’s not a single customer on the planet who cares about your ambitions of profit or potential share price.

That’s about you, not them.

What do they care about?

That you work with the people they already trust. That those people recommend you. That those people will vouch that you can help them.

And just as importantly, teammates can’t leverage profit motives or public dreams to land that new customer.

That’s a pipe dream not a play, much less a plan.

But everyone can leverage partners and their networks across every department, now.

—> Long Term <—

Startups aren’t magically acquired. CEO’s don’t go to boards and spend millions, hundreds of millions, or billions to vote for M&A on a whim.

CEO’s have high exposure and extreme risk when going to bat for M&A.

They have to trust the company can deliver value to their customers at existential risk to not only themselves but also their company.

So if trust comes from helping people reach their promised land.

Then partnering is the only way to prove your value as a startup to the sumo of your space.

Help the sumo solve a problem they can’t solve alone.

Help their customers solve a problem they can’t solve alone.

Help your company solve a problem they can’t solve alone:

An actual strategy, near and far.

Partnering is the way.

I’ve been at the table for this at each stage - this isn’t ivory tower textbook BS.

7 figures, 8 figures, 9 figures, and 10 figures.

Several acquired, several we turned down, several turned into investments.

And we all were growing along the way.

Partnering is # 1.

Like I said, there isn’t even a close # 2.

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Jared Fuller 2 min

Nearbound Weekend 08/05: Partnering Is the #1 Path To Exit

Don't underestimate the partner play.

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