Nearbound Weekend 08/26: The Best Renewable Resource In All of SaaS

Nearbound Weekend 08/26: The Best Renewable Resource In All of SaaS

Micaela Richond 2 min

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

  • Dell confirms sales layoffs, says they’re transitioning to a partner-led model
  • The instant scalability myth, a lie that permeates startup culture
  • Microsoft’s $6.5 Trillion Partner Ecosystem Opportunity
  • How to Get Intel From Partners
  • 3 Trends & The Future of Partnerships

Recently published:

Nearbound, the best renewable resource in all of SaaS

Every few months, I dust off my PartnerHacker Handbook, grab a cup of coffee and a pencil, and read a section.

It’s a good reminder of where I’ve come from because when I initially helped edit the thing, I didn’t understand it.

No B2B experience. No partnerships understanding.

And there I was trying to help Jared and Isaac define concepts and communicate why partner ecosystems are so important.

Tough, to say the least.

But I always understood the metaphors.

I learned the common ones:

  • Partnerships are like marriages.
  • Partner ecosystems are like nature’s ecosystems.
  • 1+1=3

And the not-so-common ones (but I’ll spare you because they’re not common for a reason).

Now, after about a year and a half, I’ve learned a ton, and I’m paying it forward with a metaphor that might help someone who’s still trying to get Nearbound.

The metaphor: Renewable versus Non-Renewable Resources

Customers are like resources because, without them, the business dies.

There are both non-renewable & renewable ways to source customers.

Cold calling is an example of a non-renewable way to source — once your lead lists are gone, you can’t cold call anymore. And once you’ve lost trust with a potential buyer, you cross their name off a list. They told you “no.”

The same goes for Inbound marketing. You can only run so many ads to the same target market, in a span of time.

Nearbound is different. Nearbound is renewable.

Think of Nearbound as the best renewable resource in all of SaaS.

In ecosystems (natural and partner ecosystems), both matter and energy are conserved.

This means you can go to the same partner ecosystem, find and engage your target market with the same information, and retain trust even if they’re not ready to buy because in partner ecosystems information flows through the system – typically from influence to commerce – while trust is recycled, preserved, and grown.

Dust off your handbook, or order yours today!

Register for free today.

Micaela Richond 2 min

Nearbound Weekend 08/26: The Best Renewable Resource In All of SaaS

In the partnerships ecosystem, trust in recycled

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