Nearbound Weekend 08/12: Break Out of the Silo

Nearbound Weekend 08/12: Break Out of the Silo


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Surround ’em at every step

Channel used to be this thing that sits on the side and you just hope it drives 20% of your revenue without thinking much about it. Now companies are coming to us saying, ’I know we need to figure out how to tap into partners across the company, but we don’t know how’.

And it’s not just partner managers anymore. VPs of Sales are joining these calls asking for help.

This was from a conversation with a partner tech CMO the other day. And it’s exactly what I’m hearing and seeing everywhere.

It’s not "channel." It’s not even "partner."

Those won’t save you. They are too siloed (or, as Sunir Shah would say, "in a cul de sac").

It’s about surrounding buyers with those they trust at every step of the journey. Sales, marketing, success, and product all have a role to play.

And so do partners and partner managers. But not as something off to the side that sends you referrals. Your partners have the trust of your buyers. Find those overlaps, and tap into them for intel, intros, and influence.

It’s called Nearbound, and it fricking works.

But it’s not how most teams are wired right now.

The good news is, there are great teams doing it right now, and we have been collecting their insights and plays to help provide some guidance on the path.

The market is brutal, but you can fight back. The future isn’t dark; it’s Nearbound.

— Isaac

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Nearbound Weekend 08/12: Break Out of the Silo

This is how you tap into partnerships.

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