A Passage to the Promised Land

A Passage to the Promised Land

Greg Wasserman 1 min
How do we help others reach the promised land when we haven’t been there? - Jill Rowley

The Partner Ecosystem Kickoff was an incredible event put on by PartnerHacker & PartnerStack on 1/17.

I couldn’t make it to all of the presentations, but here are my takeaways from the ones I attended:

Jill Rowley

Jill talked about leveraging relationships with others and making connections. Connecting people with resources and others who have been to the promised land. We can’t get anywhere individually. We have to get there collectively.

If you haven’t lived and breathed what you’re "selling," it’s ok because you can leverage the power of those who have and connect with them to create value.

Scott Barker

Scott Barker spoke about having your employees create connections by creating content and engaging in building networks. Taking the time to grow your network well before you need it.

Don’t #pitchslap – create connections and add value.

Logan Lyles

Logan Lyles spoke to the power of creating content, commenting, and engaging.

When following people in the niche, you want to reach out. Show you’re learning by commenting. Those comments don’t happen in a vacuum. They get seen by others’ feeds.

Final thoughts

These partnership leaders understand the power of engaging, community building, giving, and helping.

People don’t want you just reaching out when you want to sell, they want engagement, value, and connection.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the Partner Ecosystem Kickoff, catch up on all the videos from the event here.

Greg Wasserman 1 min

A Passage to the Promised Land

The Partner Ecosystem Kickoff to the Promised Land.

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