Stand Up Your Co-Sell Orchestration Playbook

Stand Up Your Co-Sell Orchestration Playbook

Allan Ader 2 min

Partner Teams are now poised to unlock ecosystem potential armed with co-sell motions that result in predictable revenue. Through business-case alignment with their Revenue Teams, Partner Teams, and Partners can finally receive the support required if they follow a planning and execution-based program that orchestrates and standardizes their approach to co-selling. 

This article explains the why, what, and how of Co-Sell Orchestration. 

There is a BIG sales problem in B2B SaaS

When 60% of sales teams have an average of 75% of their sales team missing their closed/won quotas, you have a target-rich environment to introduce new selling motions that can deliver predictable top-line results and address quota shortfalls. (Source: SaaStr 2023)

When B2B SaaS spends over $20B on lead generation and BDR motions and delivers a 3% conversion rate, you know that SaaS companies are bleeding cash while still failing to make their numbers and that there has to be a more efficient way to create opportunities. (Source: Blossom Street Ventures, Aspireship, Openview Partners, Think Impact)

Co-Selling and Nearbound to the rescue, but not without standardization

Luckily, co-selling with trusted partners who are Nearbound to your prospects holds a ton of promise.

To turn the promise of partner-led co-selling into a predictable and efficient co-sell revenue engine, SaaS companies need to standardize on co-sell motions. While 8 out of 10 sales reps report that team selling (co-selling) helps them close deals, 82% say alignment with other sellers is at least somewhat challenging and, across the board, partnerships with other teams often don’t even happen. (Source: Salesforce Study).

Successful co-sell standardization needs to overcome challenges and set teams up to succeed.

Standardization and alignment require a program approach

Fortunately, you and your Revenue Team have come to the right place, because there is a program that can help you plan and execute a standardized co-selling motion that delivers both efficient and repeatable outcomes for you, your partners, and your customers.

The 6 steps are broken into Planning (Focus, Alignment and Ops) and Execution (with Partner, Process and Reporting).

In next week’s column, we’ll dig into the details on each of these program sections.


A big reason why partner teams cannot show predictable co-selling results is that we don’t adopt a standardized, business-case-justified approach to garner the required alignment with Revenue Teams. Applying the 6 steps in the above playbook outline is a proven way to overcome the challenges and rescue your Revenue Team.

Allan Ader 2 min

Stand Up Your Co-Sell Orchestration Playbook

Partner Teams are now poised to unlock ecosystem potential armed with co-sell motions that result in predictable revenue.

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