The Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy

The Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy

Nelson Wang 1 min


I’ve built five partner programs from zero to one and reached $150m+ in ARR.

One of the most critical parts of this is having a clear crawl, walk, run strategy to get executive alignment and resource allocation. Here’s why a crawl, walk, run strategy can be a game changer:

  1. It gives you time in the first phase to lay a solid groundwork for long-term partner success.

Examples include:

  • Being able to do enough customer interviews to understand the customer journey

  • Meeting with and learning from cross-functional stakeholders on what’s working and what isn’t

  • Building an ideal partner profile and mapping it to the customer journey

  • Building a process for both inbound and outbound partner workflows

  • Finding partner market fit with validated customer demand

  1. It sets proper expectations around timelines and outcomes.

  2. It mitigates risk. You don’t want to try to scale a partner program when you haven’t found a partner market fit based on the customer’s needs.

  3. Efficient resource allocation to ensure sustainable long-term growth.

To bring this to life for the partner community, I’ve built a template (in partnership with Partnership Leaders, Gamma, and that includes:

  • 7 key partnership pillars to consider

  • 75 considerations in moving from current state to future state

  • 3-phase approach with a detailed breakdown by potential timeline

  • 3 key success factors

  • Case studies template



Nelson Wang 1 min

The Crawl, Walk, Run Strategy

Learn how to implement a crawl, walk, run strategy (with a template) to pave the way for success in building and scaling partner programs.

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