The Nearbound Summit is Near - Four Days You Don't Want to Miss

The Nearbound Summit is Near - Four Days You Don't Want to Miss

Shawnie Hamer 2 min


Last year, the PL[X] summit brought together 5k+ people, 118 speakers, and 22 sponsors for 5 days of partner-led EVERYTHING. 


Leaders from every corner of GTM teams shared groundbreaking insights and strategies on how to make partnerships more than a department, but a strategy for every department. 


This year, PL[X] is now the Nearbound Summit. We are making it even bigger than last year, and people are pretty darn excited about it. 


Why the glow-up?

The success of the PL[X] was yet another example of the power of partnerships. 


But—as any partner manager would attest—the word "partner" still falls on deaf ears for most revenue leaders.  


Nearbound is changing that because it is a framework revenue leaders can get behind. They know outbound and inbound, and they know that these strategies are falling flat in the age of information overload. 


Nearbound gives these strategies the power to rise above the noise by surrounding the customer with the intel, influence, and intros of your trusted ecosystem in a systematic way.


Nearbound is for every team

The language and framing of Nearbound is allowing people to have the "a-ha!" moment, and communicate the power of partner ecosystems across all departments.


Nearbound reveals partnerships for what they are—the most crucial component in a GTM motion that connects with how people buy.


Basically, Nearbound unifies the resistance, and the Summit is our rallying point. 


Here’s what to expect: 

  • Day 1: Nearbound Startup 

  • Day 2: Nearbound Product & Success

  • Day 3: Nearbound Marketing

  • Day 4: Nearbound Sales 

With 60+ speakers, including Chris Walker, Scott Leese, and Jill Rowley, you’ll get tailored, step-by-step plays you can implement ASAP from top leaders who are using Nearbound to get the promised land. 


Scott Leese shares how he closed a $2.6 million deal using Nearbound.

Get tangible insights…literally

Back by popular demand, attendees will also have the opportunity to order a physical workbook they can use to follow along (aka plot world domination) during the Nearbound Summit. 



Get your spot before October 1st and we’ll ship you a print workbook for FREE. Trust us, you want to get your hands on this thing. 


Everyone loves the workbook! 


Here’s to another year of making GTM history together. 

Register for the Nearbound Summit today.






Shawnie Hamer 2 min

The Nearbound Summit is Near - Four Days You Don't Want to Miss

We’re making history (again) on November 6-9. Be there or be square.

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