The Partner Recruitment Deck You Can Use Today

The Partner Recruitment Deck You Can Use Today

Nelson Wang 1 min

I’ve recruited 1,479 partners over the past 17 years at companies like Miro, Airtable, Box, Toptal, Optimizely, Cisco and VMware.


In partnership with and Partnership Leaders, I’ve put together a partnership recruitment deck template that you can use immediately. After 17 years, I’m sharing my “Partner Recruitment” template for free for the next 7 days.  Here’s the template.



It has 26 slides that I’ve meticulously iterated on over my career to get to this version.  It specifically helped me get meetings with the CEOs from partners and I would get responses like:


“Well played, Nelson. I need to get my Sales team to do this type of outreach on LinkedIn.”


Having a thoughtful, personalized, customer-centric, and outcome-oriented partner pitch deck can make a huge difference in your partner outreach. 


Here are key components you’ll want to think about as you do partner recruitment:

  1. Who is your ideal customer profile and what does their customer journey look like?

  2. What are the main challenges your customers have and how can partners help them?

  3. Based on #1, what would your ideal partner profile look like?  If you need help ideating on this, you can use my free IPP template here

  4. What are the main benefits you’d give in a partnership?  (Leads, monetization opportunities, better solutions, etc.)

  5. How would you customize the messaging to the specific partner you’re reaching out to?  Make it super specific to them.

Hope this helps your partner recruitment journey!




Nelson Wang 1 min

The Partner Recruitment Deck You Can Use Today

Here's the 26-slide deck Nelson Wang uses to succeed in partner recruitment.

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