Wrangling Chaos In a Complex World

Wrangling Chaos In a Complex World

Will Taylor 3 min

The world is more complex than ever before. Since COVID, it’s no longer unusual to be required to show proof of ID, proof of vaccination, and maybe even verify your phone just to get into something as simple as a social event.

Complexity is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to wrangle that complexity and provide new value to customers. On the other hand, there is a temptation to try to simplify everything to the most basic common denominator.

But simplicity isn’t always the answer. Managing complexity requires deep attention to customer care, service, and quality. 

We need to embrace the complexity of the ecosystems. When we do this, we can find new ways of creating value for our customers. 

Wrangling in the chaos

The best products in tech meet us where we are. They fit into our daily workflows in ways that aren’t even noticeable. The best tools don’t force us to simplify, they give us new ways to augment the work we are already doing.

In an increasingly complex world, here’s what we need to ask ourselves before we go to market:

  1. How will this help my customer scale their ecosystem?
  2. How can I provide radical customer service to help my customers succeed?

You’ve got to keep the customer front and center; you need to lead your customer to their Promised Land, and you need to lead with soul.

The tech world is flooded with companies trying to become the next Unicorn. So many companies are trying to make quick gains and get acquired. I get it, the purpose of business is to make money. 

But if you don’t put the customer at the front and center of all that you do, you ultimately fail. Companies that have the churn and burn mentality only win in the short term. 

Buyers are reacting to the market by focusing on people they can trust. They want to know WHO is actually going to help them get to where they want to go.

It’s all about the customer

What is breaking through the noise is the actual results. Why? 

Because your buyer doesn’t know if they’ll have a job in 3-4 months or not. So if you’re more focused on making money from them than you are on helping them, you will fail. Your board pressure will trickle down onto your buyer. They will feel it. Then they will go somewhere else — to a place they can actually be helped.

Taking the path less traveled

Mindmatrix has chosen the path less traveled. They’re a fully bootstrapped company that has been in existence for over 25 years. They’ve been putting the customer first and building trust since day one.

They are hyper-focused on providing radical customer service and helping customers grow and scale their businesses. They’re not focused on getting acquired; they’re focused on service. 

By embracing complexity, they’ve helped thousands of companies at all stages grow and scale their business and manage growing ecosystems. While most tech is trying to simplify, Mindmatrix guides and directs complexity into scalability. 

When I spoke with Harbinder Khera (CEO of Mindmatrix) and Vaughn Mordecai (VP of Partner & Business Development at Mindmatrix), I knew I wanted to partner with them. They share the ethos of helping first and gaining later — one of PartnerHacker’s core principles. Both of them have the right vision — a vision that focuses on genuinely helping the ecosystem and their clients.

You should hear more about the Mindmatrix narrative to hear how they approach enabling the ecosystem. Stay tuned for what we’ll create alongside them.

If you’re eager to have a chat, go speak with Vaughn here! He’s a fellow helper (and definitely has more experience than I do!).

Will Taylor 3 min

Wrangling Chaos In a Complex World

Complexity brings opportunity to wrangle chaos.

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